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Simple Living, Celebrity Guest Edition

Congratulations! You just won a dream dinner date in a prize contest – everything included, including your A-list celebrity of choice for company.  Just open the door and let them in while you wait for your friend to arrive. Simple, right?

What if you only had a half-hour’s notice? Would your home be presentable ….. without having a panic attack?  (because of course you say yes to all inclusive dinner dates for you, a friend, and your celebrity crush)


What? Your dream hunk isn’t a golden retriever sitting by the water?

The stress of keeping our homes presentable, not to mention safe from the fear of what’s teetering at the top of the cabinet, comes with that whole “adulting” thing.  

A presentable home is adulting, the fear that a stack in a wayward closet will topple you is decidedly modern.

And yet, for all the stress it brings, we are in complete control of what crosses our threshold.  

Tough love coming your way.  

The clutter, the mess, the clothes you never wear, the junk drawer you hate, the crowded living room with the extra storage containers?

That’s all on you.  You.

(Now, if you live with others, it may not be JUST you.  But you have control over a fair portion, so focus on that.)

You are perfectly capable of trading an episode on Netflix for a closet clean out.  You are perfectly qualified to know that you are NEVER going to wear that pair of pants, or fix the torn shirt.  

Looking in the closet everyday and seeing things you don’t like or won’t wear- that’s stressful.  

It’s stressful to be reminded of the huge fight you had with your sister every time you wear the orange dress.  It’s stressful to not be able to find the shirt you just washed because you have to push through everything else.

What’s not stressful?  

Reaching into your closet knowing that you love every option and the only thing to stress about is whether the thunderstorm will hit before you get back home safe and dry.

Simple living is about making things less stressful.  

No need to have complication just for complexities sake.  Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Less to get in the way or trip over means less stress.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.  It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction. – E.F.Schumacher

You have your own brand of genius.  So whether you simplify your closet, your social calendar, your inbox, or your unrealistic expectations – enjoy the peace that comes with it.


And if you happen to win the celebrity dinner sweepstakes, enjoy the moment!


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