We are stressed out, or perhaps life is simply stressful. Either way, we want less of it around. 

I grew up doing everything I was supposed to do. I followed the script. Except that my brain and my health wouldn’t let me. My second year of college I had a mental breakdown due to things later described as a “Category 5 Hurricane” combination.

I dropped a major, but mostly continued down the same path.  There was a part time job on top of my mandatory-overtime main job for savings. I got stress-induced shingles and didn’t think I was that stressed to begin with. This was just life.

All along the way I ignored the inner voice.

Horticulture and art class in high school weren’t honors so I didn’t take them. Facing burnout, I accepted a job offer that was good on paper.  I ignored the inner voice that said it was too much travel.

I became my consultant persona.  She walks a mile in heels then smiles and talks all day in person with the client.  Those are the last things I want to do. Somewhere along the way the last gasp of my inner voice died.

“Hobbies” included sleep and wishing I was on vacation.

The more I learn about anxiety and stress, the more I’m convinced that it touches everyone in our modern society.

Something grabs for your attention at every turn. We have information overload and our brains are exhausted. The chances we get enough sleep every night are slightly less than the chance you don’t finish the entire pint of ice cream.

Here, we tackle things from a slightly different angle.  What angle?  Good question.  Like anything, it shifts as we get closer to an answer.  I share joy, research that has helped me, discuss the meta-stress questions, and generally try to put a moderating voice into the ether I can be happy with.