SnarkyFlower helps relieve the hidden stress in life. We are stressed out, or perhaps life is simply stressful – either way, we know we want to have less of it around. Stress is a wall preventing us from moving forward with life. Snarky Flower is for those who don’t have the energy to climb the wall. For those that don’t see the end in sight, and don’t want to start walking without knowing they will get there. SnarkyFlower makes cracks in the wall, through which you can start to see the path forward.

I grew up doing everything I was supposed to do. I followed the script, you know the one: go to school, find a job, get married, retire, boom – life in a sentence. Except that my brain and my health wouldn’t let me. My second year of college I had a mental breakdown due to things later described as a “Category 5 Hurricane” for someone with anxiety. Anxiety creates stress where there is none; it was like running face first into a wall you built just to block your path.

I took a tiny step off the script, dropping a major, but mostly continued down the same path. When I found a job, I threw myself into that as well – worked hard to live up to the goals “I” had set for myself (read: society). I kept a part-time job on top of my mandatory-overtime main job so I could put some money aside. I got stress-induced shingles and I didn’t think I was all that stressed to begin with – this was just life. A recipe for burnout if there ever was one: a life-cookie so burnt you couldn’t even sink your teeth into it.

All along the way I ignored the inner voice. That horticulture or art class in high school wasn’t honors so I didn’t take it. When I was facing burnout I accepted a job offer that on paper was a good move, ignoring the inner voice that said I would be travelling way too much.

I had hit a wall. You might be there now, or can see it looming in the distance. You know something isn’t quite right, but don’t know where you want to go, how to get there, or what to do to start moving.

I started figuring out my “why”, who I am – which felt great.

Then work got busy and I threw myself into it to keep up: travelling across the continent I put on my consultant persona (she can walk a mile in heels then smile and talk all day in person with the client and gets enough miles to upgrade for free – I however am an introvert who avoids heels). Somewhere along the way the last gasp of my inner voice died.

My list of “hobbies” at the time included sleep and wishing I was on a vacation that never came. If I thought I was a burnt cookie before, now I was just the burnt crumbs on the cookie sheet that even the dogs don’t want.

The more I learn about anxiety and stress, the more I’m convinced that it touches everyone in our modern society to one degree or another. There is something grabbing for your attention and time at every turn. We have reached information overload and our brains are exhausted. The chances we’re able to get enough sleep to heal every night is slightly less than the chance you don’t finish the entire pint of ice cream.

Stress is a mountain on our shoulders, weighing us down at every step and stopping us from running. Our lives require the mountain, but we can go from carrying the mountain to climbing it. There is a trail. You are not the first and you will not be the last person to find the trail, and your trail will be a bit different from everyone else’s. At the end of my trail are puppies and ice cream. You might prefer whisky or kittens. Relieve the stress little by little and your inner voice will find the trail you were meant to follow.

Here at SnarkyFlower we tackle our stress through a bigger lens than just meditating, eating well, and getting enough sleep.  You will learn how the little things in life: choices you didn’t know you were making, subtle shifts in habits, and the “extras” that burden us impact your daily stress levels, and what to do about it to live a happier, less stressed out life.