The most dangerous stress is the stress you don't recognize.

Snarky Flower takes a no nonsense, yet simple approach to reducing stress in your life.

I can't do anything about your crappy job, but I can help you clear out some stressful cobwebs that are holding you back. 

We take the 50,000 ft view of stress, then apply it to the little things.

Your morning routine, junk drawer, bad habits, thought patterns, etc.  Together, we clear the way to create a life with less stress.  It's life, simplified.

Our products help you think through your life and make the necessary changes.

While there is no easy button, there are some paths that are easier than others.  We will never get rid of stress completely, but you have more control than you think.

Water Your Snark

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Who is Katie?

Katie has battled anxiety ad learned the hard way that taking as much stress out of the picture was the only way to move forward.  She started SnarkyFlower to help others find a quicker path to their enjoyable, sustainable future. Katie loves popcorn, her five fur-babies, walking barefoot in the garden, and rearranges her furniture on a regular basis.  

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